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Topic 1: Energy and Sustainable/ Renewable Energy
Biofuels / Biofuel Cells
Hybrid Energy Systems
Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Advanced Energy Technologies
Nuclear Energy Fission & Fussion
Energy Policy, Planning & Management
Biomass Energy
Bulk Power Generation
Energy Storage
Energy and Environment
Energy Efficiency
Energy Policies
Energy Pricing
FACTS and HVDC Transmission System
Islanding Mechanisms
Load Shedding
Geothermal Resources
Waste Products as Fuel

Topics 2: Power Engineering
Engineering thermodynamics
Engineering heat transfer, mass transfer
Burning to learn
Multiphase flow
Microscale thermal physics;
Other disciplines of engineering thermal physics;
Thermal measurement and instrumentation;
Heating engineering;
Industrial boiler
Other subjects in thermal engineering
Steam engineering
The boiler
The steam engine
The steam turbine
Internal combustion engine engineering
Gasoline engine
The diesel engine
Gas fuel engine
Fluid mechanical and hydrodynamic engineering
Jet propulsion and turbine machinery
Microdynamic engineering
Other disciplines of power mechanical engineering
Refrigeration engineering
Cryogenic engineering
Heat pump and air conditioning
Other disciplines of refrigeration and cryogenic engineering

Topic 3: Environmental Engineering
Air Pollution Monitor
Climate Change and Global Warming
Control of Groundwater Pollution
Water Quality Monitoring
Sewage Treatment and Utilization
Remote Sensing and Environment
Hydrobiology and Water Pollution
Environmental Pollution Risk Assessment
Environmental Chemistry
Environment Pollution and Management
Environmental Protection Engineering
Noise and Acoustics
Industrial Waste Treatment
Atmospheric Environment
Water Environment
Electromagnetic Wave and Telecommunication
Soil Environment
Regional Environment
Urban Environment
Environmental Remediation Engineering
Resources of Science and Technology
Environmental Quality Monitoring and Assessment
Chemical Pollutants and Its Influence on Health

Topic 4: Energy and Its Application
Energy and Environment Engineering
Power and Energy Technology
Renewable energy technology application and development
Advanced Energy Technologies
Alternative fuels
Climate Change and Global Warming
Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation
Electromagnetic waves and telecommunication
Renewable Energy Sources
Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Biomass Energy
Ocean Energy
Energy storage
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Science, Engineering & Technology
Energy saving technology
Energy conversion and management
Energy materials
The optimal use of energy resources
Waste Products as Fuel
Sustainable energy
Green Communication Systems
Innovation in Green Computing
Hybrid Energy Systems
New Energies and Materials
Energy Science and Technology
Green Chemistry
Waste Recycling Energy
Thermal and Power Systems
Smart Grids technology and applications

Topic 5: Environmental Science and Engineering
Atmospheric Environment
Ecological Environment
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Management
Environmental Biology and Chemistry
Environmental Economic and Legal
Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment
Environmental Analytical Methods
Environmental Remediation Technologies
Biofuels generation from waste treatment
Photocatalytic degradation of emerging pollutants
Groundwater remediation and management
Process modelling and development
Hazardous substances risk assessment
Industrial wastewater treatment
Nanotechnology for environmental applications

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